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Hemophilia Federation of America www.hemophiliafed.org 
National Hemophilia Foundation 
World Federation of Hemophilia 
Mayo Clinic 
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Committee of Ten Thousand  
Save One Life  
Patient Notification System  
Coalition for Hemophilia B  
Center for Disease Control and Prevention  

For WOMEN with bleeding disorders  

Find the 2% http://www.findthe2percent.com
National Hemophilia Foundation 
Victory for Women Program 
Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program
The Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program (WCDP) offers assistance to Wisconsin residents with chronic renal disease, hemophilia, and adult cystic fibrosis. The WCDP is funded entirely by state dollars. The program pays health care providers for disease-related services and supplies provided to certified WCDP participants after all other sources of payment have been exhausted.

Hemophilia Home Care Program
To be eligible for the state funded Hemophilia Home Care (HHC) program, and the participants must be a Wisconsin resident diagnosed by a comprehensive hemophilia treatment center as having hemophilia. The participant must also enter into a written agreement with a comprehensive hemophilia treatment center for compliance with a maintenance program. Hemophilia Home Care participants become eligible for Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program (WCDP) benefits on the date the application is received by the WCDP.

Hemophilia Home Care participants are only eligible to receive services for blood derivatives and supplies necessary for home infusion. A $10 participant copay will be applied to each prescription and blood product covered by the program.