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Advocacy is a political process by an individual or a large group which normally aims to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions; it may be motivated from moral, ethical or faith principles or simply to protect an asset of interest.

There are many important issues facing our community both at the state and national levels.  Whether you visit your legislator in person or send them correspondence, you are making your voice heard.  The Hemophilia Federation of America offers up-to-date information on these issues.  

The PRIORITIES button will provide you with information on matters that are important today, at the national level as well as here in Wisconsin.

The TAKE ACTION button will help you to find out who your current legislators are and how to contact them.  They also offer a pre-made format to aid you in creating your letter.

The ALERT button will allow you to sign up and be alerted to upcoming legislation.  You will be encouraged to send your support for or against the issues.