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Serving those with inherited bleeding disorders

Did you know WBDN offers monthly programming to the Bleeding Disorders Community? We believe that in order to build a strong network among families, they need to see each other more than one weekend a year.

Check our Calendar for Upcoming Networking and Educational Opportunities

If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, or if you'd like a program in your local area, please contact WBDN and we'll find a way to make it happen. We are here to serve you.

Latest News:

8.25.2016 Just Announced! WBDN will host Adult Camp in Wisconsin 11/4-11/6. Check the "Adult Camp" page for more info.

7.30.16 Education in Spanish sponsored by Pfizer.

7.21.16 NHF Annual Meeting

6.4.16 Check out our calendar page for upcoming events.

5.1.16 Many thanks to all of those who attended our Trivia Night Fundraiser and made it such a success!  Special thanks to our table and event sponsors!

4.30.16 Trivia Night Fundraiser! Use the registration tab to register today!

4.23.16 Thanks to our Trivia Table Sponsors:
CSL Behring
Emergent Biosolutions
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Whether you or your child has a recent diagnosis of a bleeding disorder or you've lived with it for a lifetime,

 a common feeling is isolation.

You may find that family, friends, neighbors or co-workers aren't able to offer the support you need.  

While they may wish to help, they often don't know how.

Connecting with others in the bleeding disorders community can be a lifeline for you and 

a great resource for those who seek to support you.

Wisconsin Bleeding Disorders Network is your best connection to the bleeding disorders community.

WBDN offers printed resources, educational programming and support groups, as well as social and networking opportunities.

WBDN welcomes your family and friends to our events. Building a strong web of support will benefit all those who are involved.

WBDN recognizes that all bleeding disorders are equally important.  Whether the diagnosis is severe hemophilia or mild vWD, 

support is crucial to avoiding isolation.

For more information or to become involved in

Wisconsin Bleeding Disorders Network (WBDN)

608-359-9103 or DZwier@myWBDN.org

W237S9730 Par Avenue

Big Bend, WI  53103